Oil rig explosions kill many innocent workers every year. If you lost a loved one in an offshore oil rig explosion or you survived an explosion but sustained injuries, we can help. Baron & Budd has over 35 years of experience helping people injured in work-related accidents both on land and at sea. Our local Texas and Louisiana offices are ready to discuss your case and help determine whether you can file a lawsuit for compensation. Let our attorneys help you file an oil rig explosion lawsuit to hold them accountable.

On an offshore oil rig, the high pressures of gas or oil moving through a series of valves and pipes creates a disturbingly high likelihood of fire or explosion. Even the simplest mistake can lead to catastrophe for large numbers of people and environmental damage, causing dire consequences for future generations.

Serious Injuries & Death Caused by Oil Rig Explosion Accidents

Federal regulations have required oil and gas employers to improve the overall condition of offshore rigs and have reduced the average number of injuries and fatalities which occur in these situations, yet between the years 2003 and 2010, 128 workers still lost their lives on various types of offshore platforms.

Thirteen percent of these workers died as a result of a fire or explosion that occurred on an oil rig. The oil and gas industry as a whole has a fatality rate seven times that of the national average, making jobs on an oil rig some of the most dangerous in the nation.

Most Oil Rig Explosions Caused by Negligence

While the fatality rate for the industry is striking in and of itself, the average number of injuries may be even more alarming. During the year 2011 alone, an estimated 8,500 injuries were reported among workers employed in oil and gas production and within industries that provide important supporting services to oil and gas companies.

Although the causes of these incidents often include a number of factors, negligence is commonly involved in at least one factor. Employers are required to provide offshore oil and gas workers with a reasonably safe working environment under OSHA laws; any violation of this law, including acts of negligence, can result in the employer being held liable for damages that occur as a result of their action or lack of action in a court of law.

Regular Maintenance Checks Are Required for Safety

When you’re dealing with high pressure, combustible gas; safety precautions are paramount. On oil rigs and natural gas rigs, oil and gas passes through a series of values and smaller pipes before being sent to shore on a tanker or through a larger pipeline. Under high pressure, even static electricity can be the spark that sets off a series of oil rig explosions.

Valves, gages and other important safety features must be frequently checked and maintained in order to provide workers the level of safety they deserve and are required to receive under OSHA law. Failure to provide such maintenance is considered negligent behavior and can lead to litigation should an injury or fatality occur from the explosion.

If an entry-level worker commits an act of negligence, the employer and/or supervisor may be held accountable as the person responsible for proper training and supervision of all employees. An attorney experienced with injury lawsuits for oilfield workers can help determine what type of claim you are eligible to get compensation for.

Manufacturing Defects Can Lead to Explosions

Any product that is not manufactured to certain standards expected within the industry or which has a defect that developed before leaving the manufacturing facility can make the manufacturing company vulnerable for negligence in a lawsuit. Defective pipes, pressure gauges, drilling equipment, and even safety apparatus can result in a fire or explosion if it is installed on an oil rig simply because of the volatile environment.

Manufacturers in these situations may be held liable for any resulting damages according to the product liability statutes that govern the state where the accident occurred.  If the explosion occurred on an offshore rig, either the Jones Act or Long Shore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act will provide coverage for injury and wrongful death claims.

Additionally, if a seller knowingly sells a defective product or presents a product as suitable for use in a situation that it was not designed for, he or she may also be held liable if the product causes property damage, injury and/or death.

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