Have you ever fallen for a TV ad that promotes a new weight loss gimmick that can magically melt away unwanted pounds? Or picked up a certain food product because its label proudly proclaimed that it was “all natural” or “organic” — even though it cost a few dollars more than the “non” all natural/organic version of the same product?

Maybe you’ve shopped in an upscale store, buying very expensive face creams after reading the “scientific” studies about the cream’s miraculous results?

Sometimes a product isn’t what it seems. Not only can companies minimize the truth about their products on the back of the label in tiny lettering, they can sometimes even leave certain facts about the product off the packaging entirely. Even worse, some companies have been known to lie outright about their products’ benefits, all in the name of profit.

When a company makes the decision to market a beauty product, health food or supplement in such a way that the truth is not communicated, or the marketing makes it seem as if the product has different ingredients than it actually has, or has results that haven’t been proven, they are not just doing a bad deed — they are also breaking consumer protection laws.

Unfortunately, when these laws are broken, that can spell disaster for the customer. For example, we’ve represented clients and stylists who worked with Brazilian Blowout, a hair-straightening solution that was sold as “Formaldehyde-free” even though it contained Formaldehyde. And we’ve even gone up against food manufacturers who went so far as to sell baby food products that contained lead particles and weight loss supplements and drinks sold to desperate dieters that ended up having as much fat and sugar as a donut!

Common Class Actions Our Lawyers Handle

  • Defective Products
  • Injuries from Faulty Parts
  • Defective Tires
  • Defective Car Parts
  • Exposure to Dangerous Chemicals
  • Flooring Recalls
  • Deceptive & False Advertising
  • Food Contamination
  • Air Bag Recalls

There are many more types of class action lawsuits filed everyday because of injuries, death and illness from corporate negligence. That’s why we are committed to standing up against companies that intentionally deceive consumers. We believe that companies need to be held accountable for their products and that discerning customers demand honest marketing. Our team of class action lawsuit attorneys have decades of experience fighting for what’s right. Whether you have been exposed to a dangerous product, faulty product, or are a victim of deceptive marketing ploys, we can help.

Baron & Budd’s historic and current class action lawsuits involving health and beauty products span a wide breadth: from high-end cosmetics to supermarket brands to health food stores. We want businesses to tell the truth about what they are selling, because in a sea of products and information coming to us from all angles, the least we deserve is the truth about what a new food item contains – and what comprises the latest skin care fad.

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