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Nissan Timing Chain Lawsuit

The flashy advertising that sells automobiles to the American public paints a picture of glamorous, non-stop action, even as it promises safe, reliable transportation to wherever we want to go. But the owners of certain Nissan automobiles don’t seem to be getting anywhere with a defect involving an essential part of their vehicle’s drive train.

This essential car part, called the timing chain, synchronizes split-second operations inside any internal combustion engine, ensuring not only that the automobile runs smoothly but also that the motor doesn’t beat itself to pieces. Timing chains are expensive to maintain and even more expensive if they malfunction, since failure can result in costly engine damage involving other parts and systems. In fact, an engine can literally be ruined if the timing chain fails.

Nissan customers, specifically the owners of various models manufactured over a span of five years, are experiencing this to the tune of several thousand dollars each in repair bills.

Baron & Budd, along with co-counsel, filed a class action lawsuit against Nissan claiming it failed to disclose the fact that its timing chain tensioning system was defective and prone to premature failure.

The case is still pending.